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The template can also be used for separate chapters by Liogier, A.H. in this volume. In this case use as {{Liogier, 1994|1|2}}

  • the first one (optional): title of chapter.
  • the second one (optional): range of pages of this chapter.

So for example, {{Liogier, 1994|Family 77.– Sterculiaceae|185–204}} will produce the following reference:

  • Liogier, H.A. 1994. Family 77.– Sterculiaceae. Pp. 185–204 in Descriptive Flora of Puerto Rico and adjacent islands. Spermatophyta. Vol. III Cyrillaceae to Myrtaceae. Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. ISBN 0-8477-2336-4 Reference page