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👍 Like

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Like/doc.


{{like}}👍 Like


Custom text

{{like|I learned something today}}👍 I learned something today

When no parameter name is specified, custom text is assumed


{{like|icon=wiki}}👍 Like

Default icon

{{like|icon=old}}👍 Like

Legacy icon

{{like|icon=fb}}👍 Like

"Fb" icon


{{like|username=ExampleUser}}👍 ExampleUser likes this.

Num (User Likes)

{{like|num=1}}👍 1 user likes this.

{{like|num=2}}👍 2 users like this.

{{like|num=3}}👍 3 users like this.


Supported parameter combinations[edit]

Custom text

{{like|I learned something yesterday|icon=old}}👍 I learned something yesterday

Custom text + icon

{{like|loves|num=1}}👍 1 user loves this.

When combined with Num (User likes), custom text replace the verb "like"

{{like|love|num=3}}👍 3 users love this.

For plural users, remember to change your verb accordingly

{{like|icon=old|username=ExampleUser}}👍 ExampleUser likes this.

icon + username

{{like|icon=old|num=1}}👍 1 user likes this.

icon + num (user likes)
Username can be combined with Icon, as above. You can't use this parameter together with custom text or num (user likes).
Num (User Likes)
Num can be combined with Custom Text and Icon, as above. You can't use this parameter together with Username.
3 parameter combination

{{like|loves|icon=old|num=1}}👍 1 user loves this.

You can combine Custom Text, Icon, and Num (User likes)

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