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Template documentation

This template can be used to italicise page titles. It produces a hidden HTML element that is picked up by the site JavaScript in MediaWiki:Common.js and is used to replace the visible page title.


  • {{italictitle}} italicises the title automatically under certain circumstances. If the title is less than 50 characters in length, italicisation is always performed automatically:
    • Titles with no brackets () are fully italicised:
      • {{{1}}}Foo
      • {{{1}}}Talk:Foo
    • Titles which contain brackets are italicised before the first open bracket:
      • {{{1}}}Foo (bar)
      • {{{1}}}Talk:Foo (bar)
  • Titles longer than 50 characters are not automatically italicised. However, you can pass parameters for the template to test the title against: if a match is found, italicisation is performed:
    • {{{1}}}, where "name" is the first part of the title (before any brackets) and the "bracket#" are a list of up to five possible brackets: {{{1}}} will italicise as follows:
      • {{{1}}}Foo
      • {{{1}}}Foo (bar)
      • {{{1}}}Foo (baz)
      • {{{1}}}Foo (quok)

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