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Language rendering template.


Parameter "Alternative": {{Int Classification|Alternative}} gives: Alternative classification

Parameter "s" controls plural: {{Int Classification|s}} gives: Classifications

Parameter "s+Alternative" : {{Int Classification|s+Alternative}} gives: Alternative classifications

Note: Similar to {{int:Alternative classifications}}: Alternative classifications, but with control of final text capitalization and plural.

With language page settings on "English" (en): gives "Alternative classifications"
With language browser settings on "fi"; gives "Vaihtoehtoiset luokitukset"
Avec les paramètres linguistiques de la page positionnés sur "français" (fr): donne "Classifications alternatives"

Parameter "l" controls lowercase: {{Int Alternative classification|l}} gives: classification

Parameter "l+Alternative" : {{Int Classification|l+Alternative}} gives: alternative classification

Both parameters "s" and "l" can be combined as "s+l" to have plural and lowercase: {{Int Classification|s+l}} gives: classifications

with void/null parameter, {{Int Classification|}} gives: Classification

Use sample[edit]

To add a language[edit]

With other language settings: gives text with a link to here.

To add your language to the list, please follow this link to edit the template