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The template can optionally be used for separate contributions of different authorship within this publication. In this case use as {{Flora Iberica 12|1|2|3|4}}

  • the first one: author(s) of contribution.
  • the second one: title of contribution.
  • the third one: page or range of pages of this contribution.
  • the fourth one: a link to the relevant chapter at [www.floraiberica.org]. Only its filename is required. If the parameter is empty, it is automatically filled with a link to the whole book at Biblioteca Digital.

So for example, {{Flora Iberica 12|{{Llamas}}|Ajuga|167–172|12_140_02_Ajuga.pdf}} will produce the following reference:


  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{a|Teresa Navarro|Navarro, T.}}|Teucrium|30–166|12_140_01_Teucrium.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{Llamas}}|Ajuga|167–172|12_140_02_Ajuga.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{L.Villar}}|Scutellaria|172–178|12_140_03_Scutellaria.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{Pujadas}}|Lamium|180–196|12_140_05_Lamium.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{R.Morales}}|Phlomis|206–214|12_140_07_Phlomis.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{R.Morales}} & {{M.Pardo}}|Stachys|216–232|12_140_09_Stachys.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{R.Morales}}|Sideritis|235–288|12_140_11_Sideritis.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{L.Sáez}}|Salvia|298–326|12_140_15_Salvia.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{R.Morales}}|Thymus|349–409|12_140_21_Thymus.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{R.Morales}}|Origanum|410–414|12_140_22_Origanum.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{R.Morales}}|Prunella|445–451|12_140_30_Prunella.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{Aedo}}|Nepeta|455–477|12_140_33_Nepeta.pdf}}
  • {{Flora Iberica 12|{{R.Morales}}|Lavandula|484–496|12_140_37_Lavandula.pdf}}