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The species of the myrmicine ant genera Ochetomyrmex and Tranopelta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) are revised. Both genera are currently put in the tribe Ochetomyrmecini. Because the tribe is not clearly defined, the genera are treated separately. Both genera are confined to Neotropical Region with the following species: Ochetomyrmex semipolitus Mayr (= Ochetomyrmex mayri Forel new synonymy; = Ochetomyrmex subpolitus (sensu Wheeler) new synonymy; = Ochetomyrmex argentinus (Kusnezov) new synonymy; = Ochetomyrmex bolivianus (Kusnezov) new synonymy), Ochetomyrmex neopolitus Fernández sp.n. (= Ochetomyrmex subpolitus sensu Kempf), Tranopelta gilva Mayr (= Monomorium amblyops Emery new synonymy; = Monomorium heyeri Forel new synonymy; = Tranopelta gilva brunnea Forel; = Tranopelta heyeri Forel; = Tranopelta heyeri columbica Forel new synonymy; = Tranopelta gilva albida Mann; = Tranopelta amblyops Emery; Tranopelta gilva amblyops Emery) and Tranopelta subterranea (Mann) (= Monomorium (Mitara) subterraneus Mann).