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The "distinguish" template produces a hatnote to point out to our readers the existence of one or more articles whose title(s) is, or are, similar to the page in question. It is used in cases where the distinction between the titles is generally obvious and does not need further explanation (however a separate Disambiguation page can sometimes be a good complement).

For those cases where an explanation is required, please use the {{For}} template instead.


Here is an example of its standard usage (used, for purposes of this example, with the placeholder article "Foo"; the following could be placed on a theoretical article named "Foo (botanist)", or perhaps one named "Fou" or "Fu"):


This hatnote can be used to distinguish the topic from multiple other topics:

{{distinguish|John F. Lawrence|John M. Lawrence|Lawrencia}}

It may also be appropriate to place a similar hatnote on the related articles, e.g. the "John F. Lawrence" and "John M. Lawrence" pages.

When the target is a disambiguation page, display of the parentheses may be avoided by escaping the vertical bar using the magic word {{!}}:

YesY{{distinguish|Sweet (disambiguation)){{!}}Sweet}}

The escape is necessary, otherwise the template will read the next text as another topic:

N{{distinguish|Sweet (disambiguation)|Sweet}}


The following templates are automaticlally redirected to {{Distinguish}}:

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