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A template for links to the electronic version of Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes on the California Academy of Sciences website.

Use as

{{CoF|1|2|3|4}} or {{CoF|rank=|id=|accessdate=|name=}}

  • the 1st (rank) (mandatory for all ranks except family and subfamily):
    • this is sp for species, gen for genus and subgen for subgenus
    • sp links to a species record, gen links to a genus record AND a list of species (and synonyms) for the genus, subgen links to the record for a subgenus (CoF treats these as genus records), and leaving this parameter blank links to a list of genera in a family or subfamily.
  • the 2nd (id) (mandatory for all ranks except family): this is the genus id or species id found in the url.

NOTE: the id number for an individual record does not seem to be easily available using just the Catalog of Fishes. The best way of getting this id number (for now at least) seems to be to follow the link to the record from the FishBase page for the same fish, and then get the id number out of the url bar there.

  • the 3rd (accessdate) (optional): date of access
  • the 4th (name) (optional): the name to be shown as taxon name in place of the default value (taken from page name).
    • For species or subgenus you may use wiki-italics and bolds here and include author names.
    • For other ranks you shouldn't use wiki here or include any word other than taxon name. This parameter is mandatory for cases when the page name is not equal to the taxon name (like Ijimaia (Sauter)).