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  • Bolton, J. 1792 [‘1791’]. An appendix or supplement to the history of fungusses, growing about Halifax: By which the work is completed in four volumes. Containing one hundred and eighty-two copper-plates; on which are engraved two hundred and thirty-one species of fungusses, exhibited in about nine hundred figures; all drawn, engraved, and coloured by the author. With a particular description of each species, in all its stages, from the first appearance to the utter decay of the plant; with the time when they were gathered; the soil and situation in which they grew; their duration; and the particular places mensioned, where all the new or rare species were found. The whole being a plain recital of facts, the result of more than twenty years observation.: [xxxiii]–xlii + 139–182 + [1]–[12] + pls. 139–[182]. Huddersfield. BHL