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European genera are listed with their type species. In 14 genera [Acrotrichis Motschulsky, 1848; Actella Motschulsky, 1868; Cleopterium Gistel, 1857; Ctenopteryx Flach, 1889; Euptilium Flach, 1889; Gillmeisterium Flach, 1889; Matthewsium Flach, 1889; Micridium Motschulsky, 1848; Micrus Motschulsky, 1848; Millidium Motschulsky, 1855; Ptiliolum Seidlitz, 1888; Ptilopterium Gistel et Bromme, 1850; Typhloptilium Flach, 1889 and Wankowizium Flach, 1889] the type species is designated for the 1st time. Nanoptilium Flach is a junior synonym of Pitiliola Haldeman.