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  • Normally used for unlinked authority names in references and reference templates. It will change the font type to small caps format. It should never include a wiki link.
  • Please note that this template should not be used for adding small caps to the names of journals, books or other titles. For technical reasons (e.g. database management and -maintenance) it should be used exclusively for unlinked author names.


  • {{aut|Carolus Linnaeus}} will produce Carolus Linnaeus (i.e. without a wiki link)
  • Do not use this template for linked author names, e.g. as {{aut|[[Carolus Linnaeus]]}}. For linked author names, please use Template:A instead.

See also

  • Template:A – for author names with links, e.g. {{a|Carolus Linnaeus}} which will produce Carolus Linnaeus (i.e. with a wiki link). This template can also be used with piped links; for example, {{a|Carolus Linnaeus|Linnaeus}} will produce Linnaeus.