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සතියේ ජීව විශේෂය[edit]

Marbled polecat[edit]

Vormela peregusna

Vormela peregusna

මෙම ක්ෂීරපායී සත්ත්වයා පිලිබඳ කරුණු කිහිපයක්:

දේහයේ දිග: 27–38 cm.

වලිගයේ දිග: 12–22 cm.

ස්කන්ධය: 260–520 grams.

වාසස්ථාන: Dry open spaces; sometimes found in bushes and forest edges of semi-arid areas.

ව්‍යාප්තිය: From southeast Europe to Russia and China.

ආහාර: Chiefly feeds on rodents, occasionally on small birds, lizards, fish, frogs, snails, and insects.

ජිවත්වන සංක්‍යාව: Unknown.

සංරක්ෂණ ස්ථිතිය: Vulnerable (IUCN 3.1)

පළමුව විස්තර කලේ: By the German naturalist and explorer Johann Anton Güldenstädt in 1770, originally named as Mustela peregusna.

Vormela peregusna wears a very special perfume: when it is threatened, it throws its head back, displays its coloring and emits a noxious defensive odor. If all this doesn't have the desired effect, it just drops down and plays dead. This elusive hunter employs offensive strategies as well, such as approaching and attacking from the side. By using such techniques, it can overcome pray larger than itself during its forays at dusk, dawn, and throughout the night. The marbled polecat has nevertheless more trouble than it can handle in one realm: its steppe habitat is shrinking in Europe and Asia making this species status vulnerable. </noinclude>