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Forms and synonyms (no subspecies):
  • The taxa ainsae and fulgens (N. and NE. Spain) were considered as different species, but molecular studies have determined that are the same species (A. fulgens). In some references appear as subspecies based on the following: a).- previously it is believed that these taxa (ainsae and fulgens) existed in geographically separate and distant localities. But it has been discovered that it is not so: it does not exist geographical separation. And b).- it is very subjective to consider the existence of a white stripe in underside of the hindwings as a reliable diagnosis to separate both taxa, because this white stripe can exist in "ainsae" and in "fulgens" (sensu stricto).
  • The taxon ainsae should be regarded as a synonym of A. fulgens.
  • The taxon pseudovirgilius (N. Spain) is regarded as a form (size: no consistent characteristics).
  • The taxon leonensis (N. Spain): no consistent characteristics (description very subjective), is regarded as a synonym of A. fulgens. In the same way, it does not exist relevant geographical separation with other populations of the species A. fulgens.