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Poa pratensis


Here are listed: P. alpigena, P. angustifolia and Poa pratensis als species.
At Poa pratensis are liste: P. pratensis subsp. alpigena - P. pratensis subsp. angustifolia - P. pratensis subsp. pratensis als Subspecies.
How do we proceed: Should we classify them as species or subspecies?
in addition:
Reffering german FloraWeb [1] P. humilis (syn. irrigata, syn. latifolia, syn. minor) is also a subspecies of P. pratensis (or an own species).
All synonyms of P. humilis are here listed as Taxons here. Also ist P. lejeunei synonym to P. prantensis s. str. Should this be corrected? --Bernd 10:26, 16 March 2010 (UTC)