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Distribution: Upper Amazon Basin of Colombia, Ecuador & Peru

FishBase refers to this species as "Otocinclus macrospilus, Eigenmann & Allen, 1942", exactly as described here on Wikispecies. However, they state that the author "Allen" is W. R. Allen, not Joel Asaph Allen as claimed here at Wikispecies. I realize that we who contribute to the Wikispecies project aren't necessarily supposed to do any real work in regards to systematics or taxonomy, but nevertheless, this discrepancy is bad. Another weird thing is that both Eigenmann and Joel Asaph Allen died in the 1920's, a fact that would have made it difficult for them to describe the species two decades later... However, I haven't been able to conclude who the person behind the name W. R. Allen is, or whether (s)he lived in the 1940's or not. Ideas, any one?
Tommy Kronkvist 23:01, 28 December 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for bringing this up. Wikispecies is growing too big I guess. Abbreviations used is not a world wide standard, and with a database as big as wikispecies names will get mixed up when we grow bigger and bigger. I changed the linking to the authors that are given by Fishbase. Eigenmann is now linked to Carl H. Eigenmann and Allen is linked to a non-existant page W.R. Allen. Publication of Fishes of Western South America has been in 1942. Eigenmann has died in 1927. It's still possible that the species was first described before 1927, as the sanctioning year always follows the date of publication. It's possible that Eigenmann and Allen both started working on the book, but because of the decease of Eigenmann publication of the book was postponed long time. Another possibility is an error in Fishbase, the wife of Eigenmann, Rosa Smith Eigenmann, published and described many fishes as well, and it's therefore possible that this species was actually described by Mrs. Eigenmann, who died in 1947.

--Kempm 09:22, 29 December 2006 (UTC)