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This is a fairly broad view of M. flava, although some authors make M. tschutschensis a further ssp.

The mitochondrial DNA studies of Pavlova et al. suggest three species, distinguishing those they studied as:

  • Western group: M. flava including feldegg, beema, thunbergi, lutea, leucocephala
  • Southeastern group: M. taivana including macronyx
  • Northeastern group: M. tschutschuensis including plexa

This study repudiates the multiple species division proposed by Alstrom et al.:

  • Yellow Wagtail: M. flava including beema
  • Ashy-headed Wagtail: M. cinereocapilla including pygmaea
  • Spanish Wagtail: M. iberiae
  • White-headed Wagtail:M. leucocephala
  • Yellow-headed Wagtail: M. lutea
  • Black-headed Wagtail: M. feldegg including melanogrisea
  • Grey-headed Wagtail: M. thunbergi including plexa, angarensis, macronyx
  • Green-headed Wagtail: M. taivana
  • Kamchatka Wagtail: M. simillima including zaissanensis
  • Yellowish-crowned Wagtail: M. flavissima