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Dichotomous Key[edit]

1. Plants aquatic shrubs; branches often rooting at the tips; flowers in axillary cymes Decodon
1. Plants herbaceous or woody only at the base, not tip-rooting; inflorescences axillary or terminal;
2. Sepals and petals (when present) usually 4 or 5; petals less than 0.5 mm long; floral tube (hypanthium) about as broad as long; capsule hyaline, bursting irregularly Ammannia
2. Floral tube much longer than broad; sepals and petals usually 6; capsule enclosed in floral tube, splitting regularly, either down one side or at the summit;
3. Flowers zygomorphic, floral tube swollen or spurred at the base Cuphea
3. Flowers actinomorphic, floral tube cylindrical, not swollen or spurred at the base;
4. Petals 1.5-8 mm long; floral tube narrow-tubular; capsule cartilaginous, septicidal Lythrum
4. Flowers solitary and sessile in axils of bracts, sometimes forming terminal racemes; leaves mainly circular to ovate or lanceolate Rotala


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