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I created this as best I could to what I thought it should look like because I have seen no other species which actually has anything written on it. I don't know how the book references are supposed to be written, so I have hopefully added enough information on the books, if anyone wants more, just ask and I will add it. And feel free to change it to the format that it is going to be on this site. LiquidGhoul

UtherSRG, can I get a reason behind you deleting the entire article please. LiquidGhoul

The reason is that Wikispecies is intended as a taxonomic database, text should be included in Wikipedia. Ucucha (talk) 04:41, 24 September 2005 (UTC)
Then what is this? Wikispecies:Templates
Is this a new decision, or has it been like this as long as the website, because UtherSRG has done minor edits on that article before. Therefore, he didn't find a reason to delete it then.
The idea of just having Wikispecies as a taxonomic database is plain stupid, and completely wrecks Wikispecies as a good resource. The idea should be to have an online equivalent of all the books for species identification.LiquidGhoul
This? This is probably outdated. Wikispecies should include as few text as possible. It's mainly taxonomic. Identification may be included, but let's start with alpha taxonomy. Ucucha (talk) 14:09, 26 September 2005 (UTC)