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  • New Zealand [endemic?]
  • NOTE: Macfarlane et al. (2010: 429) list both Hybolasius and Poecilippe as valid genera endemic to New Zealand. Leschen et al. (2003) did not mention Poecilippe at all. Hayashi (1961: 55, 'syn. nov.') "formally" sunk Poecilippe as a synonym of Polyacanthia. I am unaware of any published literature in which it is "formally" revalidated, or the alleged synonymy even discussed. Kuschel (1990: 67) effectively treated Poecilippe as a synonym of Hybolasius by listing the type species of Poecilippe as Hybolasius sticticus. I have chosen to follow Kuschel (1990), despite his apparent oversight of not indicating the combination or implied synonymy to be new. I consider this to be a perfectly acceptable means of data conflict resolution in Wikispecies, and the best of the available options. The only other options are to (1) follow Macfarlane et al. (2010: 429) and list both Hybolasius and Poecilippe as valid genera, or (2) maintain the synonymy of Poecilippe with Polyacanthia because it has never been "formally" revalidated. Based on my personal knowledge of the taxa and authorities concerned, I consider both of these latter options to almost certainly be poor taxonomic judgements. Note that unlike nomenclature, there is no regulation of taxonomy, no rule requiring the most recent published taxonomic opinion to be followed, and no regulated concept of what constitutes a "formal" synonymy. Note also that mindlessly following the most recent published literature could in general lead to great instability, since there is no well defined demarcation between taxonomic and "grey literature", and the latter tends to commonly contain both errors and poor taxonomic decisions. Note also that 'In the Cerambycidae, for example, Dr Kuschel has carefully organised the entire collection [NZAC], and has examined the types of all the Lamiinae, so 196 native and 8 introduced species is an accurate count of species in the collection' (Watt, 1982: 217). This provides further good reason to accept the taxonomic opinion of Kuschel (1990), whereas Macfarlane et al. (2010) offer no explanation for their listing of Poecilippe as a valid genus.


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