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Order Grylloblattodea is comprised of one (1) family, five (5) genera, twenty-seven (27) species, and five (5) subspecies worldwide.

Taxon Authority?[edit]

Who came up with the name "Grylloblattodea?" Was it Walker, Kamp, or someone else?

Possible references with answer:
Kamp, J. W. 1973. Biosystematics of the Grylloblattodea. Ph.D. thesis, University of British Columbia, 275 pp.
Walker, E. M. 1937. Grylloblatta, a living fossil. Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada 31: 1-10.


Is "Grylloblattida" a synonym of Grylloblattodea? If so, who was the taxon authority? (visa versa)