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"Echinodermata are animals with spines like sea stars."

I think this needs to be changed; the word 'spines' has two meanings that apply to animals. For example, mammals also have spines, but a different kind of spine. Thus, they would fit into the echinodermata category by that definition. I don't know what it would be changed to, but something defining 'spines' in a better way.

- Perhaps it would be better to give a more obvious example, say "Crown of Thorns Starfish" or perhaps "Echidna"


  • Echinodermata are animals with spines like sea stars.
  • Hemichordata are wormlike animals like acorn worms and the extinct graptolites.
  • Chordata are animals like birds, fishes and humans, that possess a chorda or spinal column.
  • Xenoturbellida are marine worms.