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This genus is sometimes to as Calorhamphus by both Sibley-Monroe and HBW The following from questions this

  • Peters Checklist 6:40 spells Calorhamphus and this is followed by HBW 7:199 and H&M 3rd:306.
  • Lesson's name was Caloramphus, as The Richmond Index, Sherborn, and Neave all explicitly show. In addition Lesson described the species Caloramphus sanguinilentus (spelled without an "rh").
  • Neave and the Richmond Index clearly indicate that Calorhamphus is a Strickland emendation of Lesson's name Caloramphus, published by Strickland in the Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. VIII:374 in 1842, and subsequently cited by Agassiz in 1845.
  • Perhaps there is some universally known reason for accepting this emendation (without comment or documentation). If so, it is unknown to me.

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