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Alternative Classification[edit]

The systematic of the arthropoda has been modified greatly this last years and I think that the systematic used here is quite out of date. Unfortunately, since the great number of pages already created for this phylum, it would be to much work to change them all for put them up to date; specially when we think that this classification will probably be change again soon. Anyway, here the classification as presented in Evolution of the Insects (Grimaldi, 2005).

SUBPHYLUM: †Marellomorpha

SUBPHYLUM: Arachnomorpha

Infraphylum: †Trilobita
Infraphylum: Cheliceriformes
Superclasses: †Sidneyiida
Superclasses: †Emeraldellida
Superclasses: †Sanctacarida
Superclasses: Chelicerata
Epiclasses: Pycnogonida
Epiclasses: †Aglaspidida
Epiclasses: Euchelicerata
Classes: Xiphosura
Classes: †Eurypterida
Classes: Arachnida
Subclasses: Micrura
Ordo: Palpigradi
Ordo: †Haptopoda
Ordo: †Trigonotarbida
Ordo: Araneae
Ordo: Amblypygida
Ordo: Uropygida
Ordo: Schizomida
Ordo: Ricinulei
Ordo: Acari
Subclasses: Dromopoda
Ordo: †Phalangiotarbida
Ordo: Opiliones
Ordo: Scorpiones
Ordo: Pseudoscorpionida
Ordo: Solfugida

SUBPHYLUM: Mandibulata

Infraphylum: Crustaceomorpha
Superclasses: Crustacea
Epiclasses: †Phosphatocopida
Epiclasses: Eucrustacea
Classes: Branchiopoda
Subclasses: Sarsostraca
Subclasses: Phyllopoda
Classes: Remipedia
Classes: Cephalocarida
Classes: Maxillopoda
Subclasses: Thecostraca
Subclasses: †Ascothoracida
Subclasses: †Orstenocarida
Subclasses: Tantulocarida
Subclasses: Branchiura
Subclasses: Pentastomida
Subclasses: †Skaracarida
Subclasses: Mystacocarida
Subclasses: Copepoda
Classes: Ostracoda
Subclasses: Myodocopa
Subclasses: Podocopa
Classes: Malacostraca
Subclasses: †Nahecarida
Subclasses: Phyllocarida
Subclasses: Hoplocarida
Subclasses: Eumalacostraca
Infraphylum: Atelocerata
Superclasses: Myriapoda
Classes: Chilopoda
Classes: Progoneata
Classes: Symphyla
Epiclasses: Dignatha
Classes: Pauropoda
Classes: Diplopoda
Subclasses: Pselaphognatha
Subclasses: †Arthropleuridea
Subclasses: Chilognatha
Superclasses: Panhexapoda
Genus: †Devonohexapodus
Epiclasses: Hexapoda
Classes: Entognatha
Classes: Insecta (=Ectognatha)


I think, that wide use in Wikipedia cannot be the justification of preservation of this already for a long time out-of-date classification. In Russian Wiki the modern classification suggested above is already in use and will be in use irrespective of preservation of existing Wikispecies's classification. If there will no objections, I am ready to change present wikispecies's system in all taxons subordinated to Arthropoda (however, with preliminary preservation of paraphyletic Trilobitomorpha)--Dracus 15:47, 4 September 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Can you reference the acceptance of above classification? If so we may have to look into using a bot for adaptation of the Arthropod systematics. Thanks for starting this discussion anyway. Lycaon 16:08, 4 September 2006 (UTC)[reply]
The reference is as Trépas has cited, Evolution of the Insects (Grimaldi, 2005). Totipotent 17:45, 4 September 2006 (UTC)[reply]
This clafssification in different variations accepted in last large reviews of hexapod's system (see, for example, (Kluge, 2000) and (Kristensen, 2005)). Although I called it modern, basic points have appeared enough for a long time, in works of Heymons (introduced Atelocerata, 1901) and Snodgrass (introduced Mandibulata and others, 1935). The most astable question in this classification is relationships between Crustacea, Myriapoda and Hexapoda (i.e. the status of Atelocerata) (autapomorphies of others can be considered well proved) and the discussion about main and alternative variant of this relationship in Wikispecies can be.--Dracus 17:49, 4 September 2006 (UTC)[reply]