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Takashi A. Okutani (OKUTANI Takashi (奥谷 喬司) Ph.D; born 1931), Japanese malacologist.

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  • Okutani, T 1959. A New Muricid Gastropod, Trophonopsis soyoae, sp. nov. from a Deep Water in Kumano-Nada, Japan. 20. pp. 350–352. doi:10.18941/venusjjmb.20.4_350. 
  • Egawa, K 1985. The First Underwater Observation on Living Habit and Thanatocoenoses of Calyptogena soyoae in Bathyal Depth of Sagami Bay. 44. pp. 285–289. doi:10.18941/venusjjm.44.4_285. ISSN 0042-3580. 


  • Metivier, B; Okutani, T; Ohta, S 1986. Calyptogena (Ectenagena) phaseoliformis n. sp., an Unusual Vesicomyid Bivalve Collected by the Submersible Nautile from Abyssal Depths of the Japan and Kurile Trenches. 45. pp. 161–168. doi:10.18941/venusjjm.45.3_161. 



  • Okutani, T; Hashimoto, J; Fujikuwa, K 1992. A New Species of Vesicomyid Bivalve Associated with Hydrothermal Vents near Amami-Oshima Island, Japan. 51. pp. 225–233. doi:https://doi.org/10.18941/venusjjm.51.4_225. 



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  • Okutani, T 1994. An Analysis on "Collisella heroldi" Complex (Gastropoda : Lottiidae), with Description of Three New Species. 53. pp. 251–285. doi:10.18941/venusjjm.53.4_251. 
  • Okutani, T author2= Kojima, S 1996. An Unusual Vesicomyid Bivalve, Calyptogena nankaiensis n. sp. from Bathyal Depth off Honshu, Japan . 55. pp. 257–263. doi:10.18941/venusjjm.55.4_257. ISSN 0042-3580. 
  • Committee for Celebrating Dr. Okutani's retirement from Tokyo University of Fisheries, ed. (1996). Bibliography on the malacological works of Dr. Takashi Okutani, 1955-1994 [Okutani Takashi Hakushi gyōsekishu, 1955-1994] (in English and Japanese). Tokyo: Tokyo University of Fisheries. OCLC 876597239.


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  • Okutani, T 2011. Bizarre Lucinid Bivalves from Southwestern Japan, including a New Species, and Relatives in Adjacent Waters. Venus (Journal of the Malacological Society of Japan), 69(3-4): 115–122. doi:10.18941/venus.69.3-4_115. 


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  • Chen, C; Okutani, T; Liang, Q 2018. A Noteworthy New Species of the Family Vesicomyidae from the South China Sea (Bivalvia: Glossoidea). Venus (Journal of the Malacological Society of Japan) (1-4): 29–37. doi:10.18941/venus.76.1-4_29. 
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