Sofia Mikhaylovna Pereyaslavtseva

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Sofia Mikhaylovna Pereyaslavtseva

Sofia Mikhaylovna Pereyaslavtseva (1849–1903), Russian zoologist.

русский: Софья Михайловна Переяславцева

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  • Perejaslavtseva, S.M. 1891. [Additions to the fauna of the Black Sea]. Trudy Obschschestva Estestvo ispytatelei pri Imperatorskom Kharkovskom Universitetie [Proceedings of the Society of Naturalists at the Imperial University of Kharkov]. 25: 235-274 (article in Russian). Reference page


  • Pereyaslawzewa, S. 1892. Monographie des Turbellariés de la Mer Noire. Schrift neuruss naturf Ges, 17(3):xx + 303 pp. + 16 pl. Imprimerie A. Schultze. Reference page
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