Ronny M. Leder

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Ronny Maik Leder, palaeontologist.

  • Division of Ichthyology/Paleoichthyology, Florida Museum of Natural History,1659 Museum Road, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA;
  • E-mail:

Taxon names authored

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  • Leder, R.M. 2013. Eocene Carcharhinidae and Triakidae (Elasmobranchii) of Crimea and Kazakhstan. Leipziger Geowissenschaften 20: 1–57. Reference page
  • Leder, R. M., 2015: Fossil remains of selachiens and chimaera from the Muschelschluff and Phosphoritknollenhorizont of Zwenkau near Leipzig. Geologica Saxonica 61 (1): 73–90. PDF