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Roman Bohdan Hołyński (9 January 1937 (Warsaw)) is Poland zoologist and entomologist.

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works including[edit]


  • Hołyński, R. B., 2005. Philosophy of science from a taxonomist’s perspective Genus 16, 4: 469–502


  • Hołyński, R. B., 2008. God save us from friends, or: How to ensure taxonomy against passing away by dint of a successful operation? Pol. Tax. Mon. 15: 3–54


  • Hołyński, R. B., 2009. Birds from the Far East in Central Europe: Some side-notes to Pfeifer et al. (2007) J. Ornithol. 150. P. 307-309.


  • Hołyński, R. B., 2010. Taxonomy and the mediocrity of DNA barcoding: some remarks on PACKER et al. 2009: DNA barcoding and the mediocrity of morphology Arthr. Syst. Phyl. 68, 1: 143–150



  • Hołyński, R. B., 2016. Fallacies and false premises: a plea against the dissociation of taxonomy from biology. Hołyński R.B.. Ukr. Bot. J. 2016, 73(1): 3–10 .
  • Hołyński, R. B., 2016. Review of the [Cyphogastra DEYR.]-supergenus (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) I. Mysteries of early evolution: Pleiona DEYR. and sg. Guamia THY. Procrustomachia 1, 5: 72–95
  • Hołyński, R. B., 2016. Four new species of Buprestidae (Coleoptera) from the Louisiade Archipelago. Procrustomachia 1, 4: 54–70