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Raymond Terrence Hoser, controversial Australian herpetologist, editor of Australasian Journal of Herpetology.

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  • Hoser, R.T. 1998. Death Adders (Genus Acanthophis): An overview, including descriptions of Five new species and One subspecies. Monitor 9(2): 20-41. Reference page


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  • Hoser, R. 2002: Death adders (genus Acanthophis): an updated overview, including descriptions of 3 new island species and 2 new Australian subspecies. Crocodilian, 4 (1): 5–7, 9-11, 14, 16-22, 24-30.
  • Hoser, R. 2004: A reclassification of the Pythoninae including the descriptions of two new genera, two new species and nine new subspecies. Crocodilian, 4 (4): 21–39.
  • Hoser, R. 2009: Creationism and contrived science: a review of recent python systematics papers and the resolution of issues of taxonomy and nomenclature. Australasian journal of herpetology, 2: 1–34. PDF
  • Hoser, R. 2009: A new genus and a new species of skink from Victoria. Australasian journal of herpetology, 3: 1–6. PDF
  • Hoser, R. 2009: Eight new taxa in the genera Pseudonaja Gunther 1858, Oxyuranus Kinghorn 1923, and Panacedechis Wells and Wellington 1985 (Serpentes: Elapidae). Australasian journal of herpetology, 4: 1–27. PDF
  • Hoser, R. 2009: A reclassification of the rattlesnakes; species formerly exclusively placed in the genera Crotalus and Sistrurus. Australasian journal of herpetology, 6: 1–21. PDF
  • Hoser, R. 2009: A reclassification of the true cobras; species formerly referred to the genera Naja, Boulengerina and Paranaja. Australasian journal of herpetology, 7: 1–15. PDF



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