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Ramsay Heatley Traquair (1840–1912), Scottish paleoichthyologist.

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  • Traquair R.H., 1881. III.—Report on Fossil Fishes collected by the Geological Survey of Scotland in Eskdale and Liddesdale. Part I.—Ganoidei. Earth and Environmental Science Trans. R. Soc. Edinb.
  • Traquair R.H., 1881. V.—Notice of New Fish Remains from the Blackband Ironstone of Borough Lee, Near Edinburgh. No. II 1. Geological Magazine.
  • Traquair R.H., 1881. VII.—On the Cranial Osteology of Rhizodopsis. Earth and Environmental Science Trans. R. Soc. Edinb.


  • Traquair R.H., 1884. II.—Description of a Fossil Shark (Ctenacanthus costellatus) from the Lower Carboniferous Rocks of Eskdale, Dumfriesshire. Geological Magazine.


  • Traquair, R.H. 1888. Notes on the nomenclature of the fishes of the Old Red Sandstone of Great Britain. The Geological Magazine, Decade III, V: 507-517. Reference page
  • Traquair R.H., 1888. II.—Further Notes on Carboniferous Selachii. Geological Magazine.


  • Traquair R.H., 1890. V.—Note on the Devonian Fishes of Soaumenao Bay and Campbelltown in Canada. Geological Magazine.
  • Traquair R.H., 1890. LXI.—Observations on some fossil fishes from the lower Carboniferous Rocks of Eskdale, Dumfriesshire. Journal of Natural History, Taylor & Francis.


  • Traquair, R.H. 1892. List of the type and figured specimens in the "Powrie Collection" of fossils. The Annals of Scottish Natural History 1: 31-39. Reference page



  • Traquair, R.H. 1894. A monograph of the fishes of the old red sandstone of Britain. 2.1 The Asterolepidae. London : Palaeontographical Society. Vol. 48. Reference page
  • Traquair, R.H. 1894. On a new species of Diplacanthus, with remarks on the acanthodian shoulder-girdle. Geological Magazine (Decade 4) 1: 254-257. Reference page


  • Traquair, R. H., 1896: The extinct vertebrate animals of the Moray Firth area. Pp. 235-–285 in Harvie-Brown, J. A. & Buckley, T. E., (eds.): A Vertebrate Fauna of the Moray Firth Basin, Vol. II. Harvie Brown and Buckley, Edinburgh. Reference page


  • Traquair, R. H., 1898: Report on fossil fishes. Summary of Progress of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom, 1897, 72–-76. Reference page


  • Traquair, R.H. 1899. Report on fossil fishes collected by the Geological Survey of Scotland in the Silurian rocks of the south of Scotland. Transactions of the Royal Society Edinburgh 39: 827-864. Reference page


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  • Traquair, R. H., 1903: On the distribution of fossil fish-remains in the Carboniferous rocks of the Edinburgh district. Pp. 687-707, pls. 1, 2 of Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh 40 [whole volume dated 1905]. Reference page


  • Traquair R.H., 1908. IV.—Report on Fossil Fishes collected by the Geological Survey of Scotland from Shales exposed on the Shore near Gullane, East Lothian. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of The …
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