Parashuram Gangadhar Patwardhan

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Parashuram Gangadhar Patwardhan (1935–2006), Indian lichenologist.

IPNI standard form: Patw.

Taxon names authored

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  • Patwardhan, P.G./ Kulkarni, C.R. 1977. A contribution to our knowledge of the lichen flora of India. I. Family Thelotremataceae. - Kawaka 5: 1–17.
  • Patwardhan, P.G./ Badhe, P.D. 1978. Development of ascocarp and cytology of ascus in Dermatocarpon moulinsii (Mont.) Zahlbr. - Indian Journal of Botany 1: 117–126.
  • Patwardhan, P.G./ Makhija, U. 1980. The genus Anthracothecium Hampe ex Massal. in the Western Ghats, South Western India. - Kavaka 8: 17–27.
  • Patwardhan, P.G./ Sethy, P.K./ Nagarkar, M.B. 1985. A contribution to our knowledge of the lichen family Thelotremataceae from South India. - Biovigyanam 11: 133–140.
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