Nils Hjalmar Odhner

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Nils Hjalmar Odhner (1884–1973), Swedish invertebrate zoologist.

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  • Odhner, N.H. 1922: Mollusca from Juan Fernandez and Easter Island. The natural history of Juan Fernandez and Easter Island 3: 219–254, plates 8-9. BHL Reference page
  • Odhner, N.H. 1926: Die Opisthobranchien. Further Zoological Results of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1903 2(1): 100 pp., 3 pls. Reference page
  • Odhner, N. 1934. The Nudibranchiata. British Antarctic (“Terra Nova”) Expedition, 1910. British Museum (Natural History) Natural History Report, Zoology 7(5): 229-310, pls. 1-3. BHL Reference page
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