N. de B. Hornibrook

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Norcott de Bisson Hornibrook

(1921 - April 18, 1994)


  • Hornibrook, N. De B. 1949: A new family of living Ostracoda with striking resemblances to some Palaeozoic Beyrichiidae. Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 77: 469–471, plates 50-51. PDF
  • Hornibrook, N. de B. 1952: Tertiary and Recent marine Ostracoda of New Zealand, their origin, affinities, and distribution. Palaeontological Bulletins, New Zealand Geological Survey, 18: 1–82.
  • Hornibrook, N. De B. 1963: The New Zealand ostracode family Punciidae. Micropaleontology, 9 (3): 318–320.


by G. H. Scott and G. R. Stevens