Moses Harris

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Moses Harris

Moses Harris (1730 – c. 1788), English entomologist.

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  • Harris, M. 1775. The English Lepidoptera: or, the Aurelian’s Pocket Companion; Containing a catalogue of upward of four hundred Moths and Butterflies, .... London, printed for J. Robson. xv. + 66 pp. BHL


  • Harris, M. 1776–[1780]. An exposition of English insects, with curious observations and remarks, wherein each insect is particularly described; its parts and properties considered; the different sexes distinguished, and the natural history faithfully related. The whole illustrated with copper plates, drawn engraved and coloured, by the author. Printed for the Author: London. 166 + [4] pp., 50 pls. BHL. [Note: Published in 5 decads; BHL includes only Decad 1] Reference page


  • Harris, M. 1782. An exposition of English insects including the several classes of Neuroptera, Hymenoptera, & Diptera, or bees, flies, & Libellulae. Exhibiting on 51 copper plates near 500 figures, accurately drawn, & highly finished in colours, from nature. The whole minutely described, arranged & named, according to the Linnean system, with remarks. The figures of a great number of moths not in the Aurelian collection, formerly published by the same author and a plate with an explanation of colours, are likewise given in the work. White & Robson, London. 166 + [4] pp. 50 pls. BHL. Reference page
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