Minoru Nakanishi

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Minoru Nakanishi (中西稔, 1937– ), Japanese lichenologist (specialist on Graphidaceae), botanist

IPNI standard form: M.Nakan.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Nakanishi, M. and Oshio, M. (1961) Lichens of Hiroshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan (1). Hikobia, Jour. Hiroshima Bot. Club 2(3): 195–198.
  • Nakanishi, M. and Harada, H. (1999) Five new species of the lichen genus Graphis (lichenized Ascomycota; Graphidaceae) from the Mariana Islands, Micronesia. Natural History Research 5(2): 63–71.
  • Nakanishi, M., Kashiwadani, H. and Moon, K.H. (2003) Taxonomical notes on Japanese Graphidaceae (Ascomycotina), including some new combinations. Bulletin of the National Science Museum (Tokyo), Series B (Botany) 29(2): 83–90.

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