Martha Allen Sherwood

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Martha Allen Sherwood(-Pike), lichenologist

  • Geology Department, University of Oregon, Eugene OR 97403 (address in 1987)

IPNI standard form: Sherwood

Taxon names authored

(List may be incomplete)

Lichen author of :

Ascodichaenaceae D.Hawksw. & Sherwood, 1982
Odontotremataceae D.Hawksw. & Sherwood, 1982


Paschelkiella Sherwood, 1987
Phragmiticola Sherwood, 1987
Skyttea Sherwood, D.Hawksw. & Coppins, 1981
Xerotrema Sherwood & Coppins, 1980


Nanostictis pseudocyphellariae Sherwood, 1986
Ocellularia concentrica (Stirt.) Sherwood, 1987
Odontotrema oregonense Sherwood, 1987
Rhymbocarpus cruciatus (Sherwood, D.Hawksw. & Coppins) Etayo & Diederich, 1998
Skyttea buelliae Sherwood, D.Hawksw. & Coppins, 1981
Skyttea cruciata Sherwood, D.Hawksw. & Coppins, 1981
Skyttea elachistophora (Nyl.) Sherwood. & D. Hawksw., 1981
Skyttea fusispora Sherwood, D.Hawksw. & Coppins, 1981
Skyttea gregaria Sherwood, D.Hawksw. & Coppins, 1981
Skyttea nitschkei (Körber) Sherwood, D.Hawksw. & Coppins, 1981
Skyttea thallophila (P.Karst.) Sherwood, D.Hawksw. & Coppins, 1981
Xerotrema megalospora Sherwood & Coppins, 1980


  • Sherwood, M.A. (1977) The ostropalean fungi. Mycotaxon 5(1): 1–277. [1]
  • Sherwood, M.A. (1977) The ostropalean fungi. (A dissertation submitted to the Graduate School of Cornell University for the Doctor of Philosophy degree, January, 1977. [2]
  • Hawksworth, D.L. & Sherwood, M.A. 1981. Proposals for Nomina Conservanda and Rejicienda for Ascomycete Names (Lichenized and Non-Lichenized). Taxon: The Journal of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy 30(1): 338–348. DOI: 10.2307/1219426 Hybrid open access journal. JSTOR Hybrid open access journal. ResearchGate Paywall. Reference page
  • Hawksworth, D.L. and Sherwood, M.A. (1982) Two new families in the Ascomycomycotina. - Mycotaxon 16: 262–264. [Families: Ascodichaenaceae, Odontotremataceae] [3]
  • Sherwood, M.A. and Coppins, B.J. (1980) Xerotrema, a new genus of ondontotremoid fungus from Scotland. - Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh 38: 367–371. [Xerotrema gen. nov.; X. megalospora sp. nov.]
  • Sherwood, M.A., Hawksworth, D.L. and Coppins, B.J. (1980) Skyttea, a new genus of odontotremoid lichenicolous fungi. - Transactions of the British Mycological Society 75: 479–490. [Skyttea gen. nov., S. buelliae sp. nov., S. cruciata sp. nov., S. elachistophora (Nyl.) Sherw. & D. Hawksw., comb. nov.; S. fusispora sp. nov.; S. gregaria sp. nov.; S. nitschkei (Körber) comb. nov. and S. thallophila (P. Karsten) Sherw. & D. Hawksw., comb. nov.]
  • Sherwood-Pike, M. (1985) New and unusual Ascomycetes from the western United States. - Sydowia II 38: 267–277. [Nanostictis pseudocyphellariae sp. nov., from Oregon.]
  • Sherwood-Pike, M.A. (1987) The Ostropalean Fungi III: the Odontotremataceae. - Mycotaxon 28: 137–177.[Ocellularia concentricum (Stirton) comb. nov.; Paschelkiella gen. nov.; Phragmiticola gen. nov.; Odontotrema oregonense sp. nov.]