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Louise Lindblom     (1968 -  )     (L.Lindblom)

Museum of Natural History (DNS), University Museum of Bergen
Postboks 7800, Thormøhlensgate 53A, University of Bergen, NO-5020 Bergen, Norway

Research on the systematic interpretation of morphological variation in the lichen-forming genera Xanthoria and Xanthomendoza and the genetic variation and population structure of the species Xanthoria parietina and Xanthoria calcicola.

Published author of:

Xanthoria capensis Arup, L. Lindblom & Kärnefelt, 1995
Xanthoria montana L. Lindblom, 1997
Xanthoria tenax L. Lindblom, 1997
Xanthoria tenuiloba L. Lindblom, 2001
Xanthoria pollinarioides L. Lindblom & D.M.Wright, 2004
Xanthomendoza galericulata L. Lindblom, 2006

Other combinations:

Degelia cyanoloma (Schaer.) H.H. Blom & L. Lindblom, 2009
Xanthomendoza weberi (S.Y. Kondr. & Kärnefelt) L. Lindblom, 2006

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