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Keizo Yasumatsu (1908-1983)

Japanese entomologist.


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  • Yasumatsu, K. 1929. [Observation on the habits of Trypoxylon obsonator Smith]. Kontyû, 3: 107–120. [in Japanese]. PDF



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  • Yasumatsu, K. 1933. Additions to the Hymenopterous fauna of the Ishigaki Island. Annotationes Zoologicae Japonenses 14: 259–271.


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  • Yasumatsu, K. 1938. Beiträge zur Synonymie einiger Hymenopteren-Arten von den Ryukyu-Inseln (Vespoidea, Sphecoidea und Apoidea). Transactions of the Natural History Society of Formosa 28: 4436–447.
  • Yasumatsu, K. 1938. Two unrecorded species of the genus Trypoxylon from Nippon (Hymenoptera, Trypoxylonidae). Dobutsugaku Zasshi (= Zoological Magazine) 50: 451–455.


  • Yasumatsu, K. 1939. The genera Nitela and Rhinonitela of Nippon (Hym., Larridae). Mushi 12: 11–12.
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  • Yasumatsu, K. 1939. On the occurence of Ceropales maculatus (Fabricius) and Astata boops Schrank in Korea. Kansai Konchu Zasshi, 5: 99–102. In Japanese.


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  • Yasumatsu, K. 1942. Hymenoptera Aculeata collected by Mr. K. Tsuneki in North China and Inner Mongolia. I. Sphecoidea. 1. List of the species. Mushi 14: 103–115.


  • Yasumatsu, K. 1943. Notes on some East-Asiatic Sphecoidea in the collection of the Musée Heude. Notes d’Entomologie Chinoise 10: 1–32. PDF


  • Yasumatsu, K. 1947. Some wasps and bees of the Desert Kunshan-tagh in Inner Mongolia. Mushi 18: 29–33.


  • Yasumatsu, K. 1950. in Iconographia Insectorum Japonicorum. Editio secunda, reformata, Tokyo. 15 pls., [1–6], 1–1738, [one pl.], 1–203, [1–2].


  • Yasumatsu, K. 1953. Sphecoidea of Micronesia. 4. Revision of the genus Pison Spinola. Part 1 (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae). Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture. Kyûshû University 10: 133–150. PDF


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