John Medley Wood

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John Medley Wood

John Medley Wood (1827–1915), South African botanist.

IPNI standard form: J.M.Wood

Taxon names authored

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  • 1877 A Popular Description of the Natal Ferns
  • 1879 The Classification of Ferns
  • 1888 An Analytical Key to the Natural Orders & Genera of Natal Indigenous Plants
  • 1894 Preliminary Catalogue of Indigenous Natal Plants
  • 1894 Natal Plants. Vol 2: Grasses. Ed. Kessinger Publ. 318 pp. ISBN 1-4366-1090-7
  • 1897 New Natal plants: Decade 1-3
  • 1910 Revised list of the flora of Natal. Supplement: Containing Apocynaceae, Asclepiadeae, corrections, & additions. Royal Soc. South Africa Trans.
  • 1898–1912 Natal Plants. 6 vols. vol 1 con Maurice S. Evans) (ilustrado × Srtas. F.Lauth & M.Franks)
  • 1907 A Handbook of the Flora of Natal


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