Johann Carl Megerle von Mühlfeld

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Johann Carl Megerle von Mühlfeld (also Johann Karl Megerle von Muhlfeld; 1765–1840), Austrian entomologist and malacologist.

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  • ICZN. 1993. Opinion 1710. J.C. Megerle’s (1801–1805) auction catalogues of insects: suppressed for nomenclatural purposes, with the specific names of Saperda alboguttata Megerle, 1803 (currently Apomecyna alboguttata; Coleoptera) and Hippobosca variegata Megerle, 1803 (Diptera) conserved. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 50(1): 79–82. BHL. Reference page.  [suppresses Megerle's auction catalogues, but conserves the two species-group names given in title]
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