Jantineke D. Zijlstra

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Jantineke D. Hofland-Zijlstra (fl. 2003), Dutch mycologist.

Standard IPNI form: J.D. Hofland-Zijlstra

Address in 2016: Wageningen University and Research, dept. Greenhouse Horticulture, Violierenweg1, 2665 MV, Bleiswijk, The Netherlands.

Authored taxa[edit]



  • Verkley, G.J.M., Zijlstra, J.D., Summerbell, R.C. & Berendse, F. 2003. Phylogeny and taxonomy of root-inhabiting Cryptosporiopsis species, and C. rhizophila sp. nov., a fungus inhabiting roots of several Ericaceae. Mycological Research 107(6): 689–698. Abstract
  • Zijlstra, J.D., Van 't Hof, P., Braakhekke, W.G. & Berendse, F. 2005. Diversity of symbiotic root endophytes of the Helotiales in ericaceous plants and the grass, Deschampsia flexuosa. Studies in Mycology 53(1): 147–162. Abstract