Jacobus Johannes Hoedeman

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Jacobus Johannes Hoedeman (1917–1982), Dutch ichthyologist and aquarist.

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  • Hoedeman, J. J., 1951: Notes on the fishes of the cichlid family. I. Apistogramma cacatuoides sp. n. Beaufortia 1 (4): 1–4.
  • Hoedeman, J.J. 1961. Studies on Cyprinodontiform fishes 10. On the probable evolution of the frontal scalation patterns. Bulletin of Aquatic Biology 2(18): 82–92. Reference page
  • Hoedeman, J.J. 1962. Studies on cyprinodontiform fishes. 11. A new species of the genus Rivulus from Ecuador with additional records of Rivulus from the upper Amazon and Ucayali rivers. Beaufortia 9(103): 145–150. Full article (PDF). Reference page