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Hossein Akhani (born 1965), Iranian botanist.

  • Standard IPNI Abbreviation: Akhani

Authored taxon names[edit]

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(List may be incomplete)

  • Botschantzev, V.P. & Akhani, H. 1989. A new section and a new species of the genus Salsola (Chenopodiaceae) from Southern Iran. Botanicheskii Zhurnal. Moscow & Leningrad 74: 1664–1666.
  • Akhani, H. 1996. A new species and a synonym in Chenopodiaceae from Iran. Sendtnera 3: 5–11. BHL
  • Hedge, I.C., Akhani, H., Freitag, H., Kothe-Heinrich, G., Podlech, D., Rilke, S. & Uotila, P. 1997. Chenopodiaceae. In: Rechinger, K.H. (ed.): Flora Iranica no. 172. Akad. Druck, Graz, ISBN 3-201-00728-5. Reference page. 
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  • Akhani, H., Edwards, G., Roalson, E.H. 2007. Diversification of the Old World Salsoleae s.l. (Chenopodiaceae): Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of Nuclear and Chloroplast Data Sets and a Revised Classification. International Journal of Plant Sciences 168(6): 931–956. doi: 10.1086/518263 Full text PDF from ResearchGate  reference page 
  • Akhani, H., Chatrenoor, T., Dehghani, M., Khoshravesh, R., Mahdavi, P. & Matinzadeh, Z. 2012. A new species of Bienertia (Chenopodiaceae) from Iranian salt deserts: a third species of the genus and discovery of a fourth terrestrial C4 plant without Kranz anatomy. Plant Biosystems 146: 550–559. doi: 10.1080/11263504.2012.662921.
  • Akhani, H. & Khoshravesh, R. 2013. The relationship and different C4 Kranz anatomy of Bassia eriantha and Bassia eriophora, two often confused Irano-Turanian and Saharo-Sindian species. Phytotaxa 93(1): 1–24. doi: 10.11646/phytotaxa.93.1.1 PDF
  • Freitag, H., Brandt, R., Chatrenoor, T., & Akhani, H. 2013. Suaeda iranshahrii, a new species of Suaeda subgenus Brezia (Chenopodiaceae) from the Persian Gulf coasts. - Rostaniha 14(1): 69 (68-80). PDF
  • Akhani, H., Greuter, W. & Roalson, E.H. 2014. Notes on the typification and nomenclature of Salsola and Kali (Chenopodiaceae). Taxon 63(3): 647–650. doi: 10.12705/633.1
  • Akhani, H. 2016. Taxonomic novelties from Irano-Turanian region and NE Iran: Oreosalsola, a new segregate from Salsola s.l., two new species in Anabasis and Salvia, and two new combinations in Caroxylon and Seseli. Phytotaxa 249(1): 159–180. doi: 10.11646/phytotaxa.249.1.7

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