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Henry Sheldon Fitch (December 25, 1909 – September 8, 2009). American herpetologist.


  • Stewart, M.M; Echelle, A.F.; Fitch, H.S.: Historical Perspective: Henry S. Fitch, in Copeia, Vol. 2000, No. 3, pp. 891 – 900. Interview with Henry S. Fitch, conducted on September 6, 1998 by his daughter Alice Fitch Echelle and her family.


  • Fitch, Henry S. 1970: Reproductive cycles of lizards and snakes. Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas (Lawrence). 247p.
  • Echelle, A.A.; Echelle, A.F. & Fitch, H.S. 1971: A new anole from Costa Rica. Herpetologica, 27: 354–362.

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