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John W. Funkhouser, herpetologist and geologist


  • Funkhouser, J.W. 1956. New frogs from Ecuador and southwestern Colombia. Zoologica. New York 41: 73–80. (charcoal drawing by Anne B. Funkhouser) In the course of collecting in Ecuador in Colorados, Province of Pichicha, in Oct 1950, several frogs were collected and described by John W. Funkhouser.
  • Funkhouser, J.W. Phyllomedusa medinae Funkhouser, 1962, Copeia, 1962: 588. Holotype: EBRG 37, by original designation. Type locality: "the biological station 'Henry Pittier' . . . . Estacion Biologica de Rancho Grande (Edo. Aragua, Venezuela)".
  • Myers, G.S.. & Funkhouser, J.W. 1951. A new giant toad from southwestern Colombia. Zoologica. New York 36: 279–282. Summary: Bufo blombergi; Holotype: CAS-SU 10419, by original designation. Type locality: "Nachao, Nariño Province, southwestern Colombia, at an altitude of about 550 meters".

Table of Funkhouser's Amphibians[edit]

Amphibia -
Anura -
Bufonidae -
Rhaebo -
Rhaebo blombergi -
Bufo blombergi, Myers & Funkhouser,1951
Dendrobatidae -
Colostethinae -
Epipedobates -
Epipedobates espinosai
Phyllobates espinosai Funkhouser,1956
Dendrobatinae -
Oophaga -
Oophaga sylvatica
Hylaorcesi Funkhouser,1956
Hylidae -
Hylinae -
Osteocephalus -
Osteocephalus verruciger
Hyla orcesi Funkhouser.1956
Phyllomedusinae -
Agalychnis -
Agalychnis callidryas
Agalychnis callidryas Funkhouser.1957
Agalychnis dacnicolor
Phyllomedusa alcorni Funkhouser,1962
Agalychnis medinae
Phyllomedus medinae Funkhouser.1962
Agalychnis saltator
Phyllomedusa saltator Funkhouser, 1957
Agalychnis spurrelli
Phyllomedusa spurrelli Funkhouser,1957