Flora Sibiri

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  • Title: Flora Sibiriae
  • Original title: Флора Сибири
  • Abbreviation: Fl. Sibiri
  • Publication: 1987–2003 in 14 volumes
  • Publisher: Nauka, Divisio Sibirica
  • City: Novosibirsk
  • Country: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [USSR]/Russian Federation
  • Editorial Board: I.M. Krasnoborov, L.I. Malyschev, G.A. Peshkova, A.V. Polozhii, A.K. Skvortzov & B.A. Yurtsev
  • Online availability: Alexey Shipunov: Flora & Fauna library
  • English Translation: 1.2000–14.2003, Translated by P.M. Rao. Published by Science Publishers, Inc., Enfield, NH, USA