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Edward Saunders FRS (born 1848 in Wandsworth, died 1910), English entomologist. Specialised in Coleoptera and Hemiptera and Hymenoptera.

Authored taxa[edit]


(List may be incomplete)


  • Saunders E., 1871. Catalogus Buprestidarum synonymicus et systematicus


  • Saunders, E. 1880: Synopsis of the British Heterogyna and fossorial Hymenoptera. Transactions of the Entomological Society of London, 1880: 201–304.


  • Saunders, E. 1883: Notes on British ants. Entomologists Monthly Magazine, 20: 16–17.


  • Saunders, E. 1886: Ponera punctatissima, Rog., at Bromley, Kent. Entomologists Monthly Magazine, 23: 68.
  • Saunders, E. 1886: The male of Formicoxenus nitidulus, Nyl. Entomologists Monthly Magazine, 23: 42.


  • Saunders, E. 1890: Aculeate Hymenoptera collected by J. J. Walker, Esq., R.N., F.L.S., at Gibraltar and in North Africa. Entomologists Monthly Magazine, 26: 201–205.


  • Saunders, E. 1896: The Hymenoptera Aculeata of the British islands. A descriptive account of the families, genera, and species indigenous to Great Britain and Ireland, with notes as to habits, localities, habitats, etc. L. Reeve & Co., Covent Garden. 391 pp.


  • Saunders, E. 1899: On some Algerian Mutillidae collected by the Rev. A. E. Eaton, M.A. Entomologists Monthly Magazine, 35: 227–229.
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