David John Horne

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David John Horne, British ostracodologist


  • Smith, R.J., Kamiya, T. & Horne, D.J. 2006: Living males of the ‘ancient asexual’ Darwinulidae (Ostracoda: Crustacea). Proceedings of the Royal Society, B: Biological Sciences, 273: 1569–1578. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2005.3452 PDF
  • Horne, D.J., Bunbury, J. & Whittaker, J.E. 2011: Taxonomic harmonisation and calibration of nonmarine ostracods for palaeoclimate applications: the case of Candona acutula Delorme, 1967. Joannea Geologie und Palaeontologie, 11: 76–79.