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David Geoffrey Long (born 1948), British botanist.

Standard form: D.G.Long


(List may be incomplete)

  • Grierson, A.J.C. & Long, D.G. 1984. Flora of Bhutan: including a record of plants from Sikkim. Vol. 1, Part 2. Pp. 189–462. Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, ISBN 0-9504270-2-0. Reference page
  • Grolle R, Long DG (2000) "An annotated check-list of the hepaticae and anthocerotae of Europe and Macaronesia. " Journal of Bryology 22 (2): 103–140. doi: 10.1179/jbr.2000.22.2.103
  • Long DG (2001) "Studies on the genus Asterella (Aytoniaceae). V. Miscellaneous notes on Asiatic Asterella." Lindbergia 26 (1): 43–45.
  • Schill, DB, Long DG, Forrest LL (2010) A molecular phylogenetic study of Mannia (Marchantiophyta, Aytoniaceae) using chloroplast and nuclear markers. Bryologist 113 (1): 164–179. doi: 10.1639/0007-2745-113.1.164