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Daichi Kato, Japanese entomologist

  • Biosystematics Laboratory, Kyushu University, Motooka, Fukuoka 819-0395, JAPAN

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  • Kato, D.; Uezato, H.; Katakura, K.; CALVOPINA, M.; MARCO, JD.; BARROSO, PA.; Mimori T.; Korenaga, M. et al. 2004. Establishment of discrimination and identification method of Leishmania species within naturally infected individual sandflies. Tropical medicine and health (Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine), 32: 85. ISSN 1348-8945. 
  • Uezato, H.; Nonaka, S.; Kato, D.; Katakura, K.; Hashiguchi, Y. 2006. Establishment of discrimination method of protozoan infected leishmania and its application in the Republic of Pakistan. Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Basic Research C) Research Results Report. Uezato Hiroshi. 
  • Terayama, Y.; Gomez, EA.; Kato, D. 2008. Parasitology: Molecular typing of sand fly species (Diptera, Psychodidae, Phlebotominae) from areas endemic for Leishmaniasis in Ecuador by PCR-RFLP of 18S ribosomal RNA gene. The journal of veterinary medical science, 70(9): 907-913. OCLC 5175023226. 





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