Cornelis Joseph Maria Willemse

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Cornelis Joseph Maria Willemse (1888-1962), Dutch entomologist (Orthoptera).

Taxon names authored

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  • Willemse C., 1931. Orthoptera Celebica Sarasiniana - Saltatoria, family Acrididae. Treubia 12 (Suppl.).
  • Willemse C., 1931. Acrididae Celebicae. Truebia, Bllitenzorg.


  • Willemse C., 1938. Description of new Indo-Malayan Acrididae. Part IX. Natuurhistrisch Maandbled.
  • Willemse C., 1938. XXIII.—Results of the Oxford University Expedition to Sarawak (Borneo), 1932. Acridiidæ (Orthoptera). Annals and Magazine of Natural History, Taylor & Francis.


  • Willemse, C.J.M. 1966. Descriptions of new and redescriptions of lesser known Orthoptera. Part II. publicaties van het Natuurhistorisch Genootschap in Limburg, Maastricht 16: 1–16. Reference page
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